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Serving the cement industry since 1989,

in the industry since 1975

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Fuller Co. USA. Tianjin China

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Alan Medhurst is an experienced site manager for the erection, modification and upgrade of cement plants worldwide. He is available for projects in the UK and internationally.

Alan has a proven track record in the cement industry working for cement producers as well as suppliers of cement manufacturing equipment with projects by F L Smidth, Polysius and others.

In the perfect world, companies with ISO status and full quality assurance systems in place should not need to have project documentation checked. In reality, to safeguard the customer it has become necessary to check all project documentation, planning schedules and shipping details. Alan's expertise can help with this.

Checks like this can be crucial - they reduce the risk of errors during the erection of the plant, which in turn can cause a delay to start up. Just one day's delay to your project start up represents thousands of dollars lost to the customer!

For examples, view projects Alan has been involved with from China to Chile, or contact Alan for additional presentations on project enhancement and direction.

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